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A Club For All Seasons

Using the Website

This page has info on using the website. The Frederick Ski Club website is important for a variety of uses including:

    • The website is a key way for non-members to find out about the club.
    • Our membership system is integrated into the website. It is important for all members to keep their profile complete and current.
    • Our event calendar and, in some cases, registration for events, is part of the website.
    • The website allows for member-only and public pages and events.  Therefore, it is important for members to login when using the website.

Registering for events

    • Below, in the YouTube links section, there is a link for a how to video on registering for, and canceling, events.
    • Note that the intention is that you are registering for yourself, and if a member you should be logged into the website.
    • If multiple people from a household membership want to register for a trip, each member must log into the website and register themself.
    • If you want to register a non-member whom you wish to join the club, be sure to log out before doing so.

YouTube Links

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