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A Club For All Seasons

What is the Frederick Ski Club?

The Frederick Ski Club was established in 1986 as a true ski club.  Its earliest mission was to promote the sport of skiing in Frederick County and organize and sponsor skiing trips to various ski resorts throughout the US and abroad.  Well, as Frederick County has grown, so has our recreational profile.  Although we do organize many ski trips and ski quite often at our local resorts, we have evolved to embrace many more recreational activities so that we are truly a club for all seasons.  Hiking, cycling, and paddling have been a staple of our activity repertoire for quite some time, but we have recently added pickleball and many multi-adventure trips such as our trip to Costa Rica in April 2022.  The social aspect of the Frederick Ski Club has remained the same.  We love enjoying fellowship, food and beverages at our weekly happy hours, winter game nights, barbeques, and parties.  Finally, as a Frederick County community club, our commitment to helping those in the community has also grown.  We support many local charities through our monthly 50/50 raffle, volunteer at local events such as In the Streets and the Festival of the Arts and support our local businesses. We heartily welcome new members and encourage members of the community to join our club!

Blue Ridge Ski Council:

As a member club of the Blue Ridge Ski Council, our members can enjoy council trips plus trips from other clubs. The Blue Ridge Ski Council runs three main ski trips each year.

  • Western Carnival: A ski trip to a resort in the Western U.S. or Canada.
  • Winterfest: A bus or self-drive ski trip to New England or Eastern Canada.
  • Eurofest: A ski trip to Europe that usually has pre and/or post trip extensions.  Note that in some years, Eurofest becomes Asiafest and the destination is Japan.

Our mailing address: P.O. Box 3226, Frederick, MD 21705

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