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Trip Insurance

There are many reasons for getting trip insurance and coverage varies from full CFAR coverage to medical only coverage. (CFAR - Cancel For Any Reason)  Below are some notes on trip insurance:

    • Most CFAR options require getting insurance soon after placing a deposit, usually within two weeks.
    • Medical coverage can be a good idea even for those "who have good insurance". Especially for ski trips, destinations are often remote and in towns with limited medical options. So while you may have good insurance, you could find yourself needing to get services from out of network and more expensive options.
    • Evacuation coverage is important in case you need to be evacuated from a ski resort by helicopter.
    • For International trips, repatriation coverage is important as medical transport back to the U.S. is usually very expensive.
    • Most plans have graduated costs based on the cost of the trip and sometimes the age of the traveler.
As of July 2023, for international trips, the Frederick Ski Club requires that all participants have medical travel coverage.

Below are some sources for trip insurance. While generally these have been used with positive results by one or more people in the club, the list below is for information purposes only and the club does not have an official trip insurance provider.     Myra Altschuler     2022/23 Group Insurance Flyer

Note: The first tier, up to $350 trip, is the option to use for medical only coverage

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