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Ikon Pass for the 2023/24 Ski Season

Note: All Ikon Pass product sales are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Ikon Pass Website     

Ikon Destinations

Special Ordering Option

  • The link below gives you a $50 credit (payable via the club in 2024) off the cost of an Ikon Pass.
  • On the link below, the first two pages have lots of Ikon pass information.  Click the More Info button on the 1st page and the Book button on the 2nd page. Next, create an account or sign into an existing account, then follow the instructions to select and order the desired pass.

Order Ikon Pass link

Ikon Pass Pricing

See for full details

 Age Pass Retail CostComments 
 Adult  (23+) IKON $1259 * No blackout dates, Unlimited resorts: 15,  Seven days at 39 resorts
 Adult  (23+) IKON Base  Plus $1149 * Unlimited resorts: 14, Five days at 40 resorts  (FSC 2023/24 plans do not include any of the  seven resorts not included in the IKON Base  pass.)
 Adult  (23+) IKON Base $929 * Unlimited resorts: 14, Five days at 33 resorts

  * - Current Ikon website price before October increase.

The club will be able to offer lift tickets for our Ikon trips.  Below are the known lift ticket costs for planned trips to help you determine if a pass makes sense for you.

 DestinationAdult (19 - 64)Senior (65-69)  Senior 70+ Notes
 Schweitzer, 5 days $455 $415 $415 80+ ski free
 Schweitzer, 6th day $89 $81 $81 
 Red Mountain, 3 days (est) $252 $176 $176 75+ ski free (Possible  Schweitzer side trip)
 Tremblant, 5 days (est) $308 $308 $290 
 Mt. Bachelor, 5 days $364 $262 $193 
 Mt. Bachelor, 6th day $31 $29 $21 

Other possible Ikon resorts we may visit include: Snowshoe, Killingon, and Sugarbush.

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